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Propaganda technique of a contemporary society.

Normal: Adjective that specifies, of a certain thing, that it is in its natural state, that serves as a norm, rule, or idea to which human acts must be adapted so that they are directed to the moral good, from the point of view of their work and based on their individual and, above all, collective life.


This broad definition has currently been associated with modern concepts of the 20th century that promoted inclusion within obsolete and limited parameters where diverse communities did not have a place of belonging. Authenticity was sacrificed to minimize humiliation and prejudice.


In the context of open layers of territories, "NORMAL I, II, III" are analogue collages part of a series composed of: the redefinition of the word, "propaganda technique of a contemporary society" camouflaged among LGBT+ erotic elements and images.   Today there is a revolution, a redefinition of the normal word, an opening of the concept where the vortex of visual communication allows diffusion and visibility of minorities that impose equality and acceptance.

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