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misMoustrosyYo 17.5x50,2021BAJA2.png
 My monsters and Me, analog collage on Valencia's map, 17.5 x 50 cm, 2021
enEstajuntos 23x10cm, 2021baja.png
 In this together,
analog collage on Madrid's map,
23x10cm, 2021

City Cuts is a series about us and the post-pandemic cities concept. The urban space previously sought for personal and professional development has turned against us.

The oppression generated by the outside is enormous. It is a feeling for most of us who live in big cities, sharing a public space that should be for recreation and fun has
become a forbidden space to be at, and social distance makes it difficult to share it with others.

We have developed new structures of thought and actions to interact between us. The 12th of October 2020 during an Interview, Dr. David Navarro (WHO General Director) said: “We really do appeal to all world leaders: Stop using the lockdown as your primary control method.”

These established systems, generated by us, required self-control of our behavior, and crated different types of phobias and even OCDs that we had never experienced before. We are learning to live with physical and even more, emotional distance: the unattached feeling!

miMascara 10x48cm, 2021BAJA.png
 Mask, analog collage on Amsterdam's map, 10 x 48 cm, 2021

Those of us who come from small cities, or for those who forsee our dreams in big cities today we had to realize that these are the riskiest places to live. The small rectangle that we used to have to sleep, have breakfast and bathe before going out into the world becomes a refuge for survival.

That isolation had upset us all. Now our relationship areas have been reduced to closed neighborhoods only, and taking public transportation is a health-risk. Few reliable circulation spaces and many closed-public spaces, what a great irony!
The only window that allows us to see and share with the outside world are monitors.

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