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Using collage and photomontage as exploration and expression tools, this seminar-workshop proposes to inquire about the symbolic and the material in the work of the Architect Claudio Caveri, a Latin American master and local reference for Moreno.


- Value the architectural heritage of Moreno through the work of Claudio Caveri.

- Develop a way of seeing and looking from here.

- Investigate through collage and photomontage the Santa María de Guadalupe Parish by the architect Caveri.

- Present referents of the visual arts that use collage and photomontage to produce an artistic corpus.

- Present referents of architecture that use collage and photomontage to develop their project processes.

- Develop the observation, selection and combination of materials.

- Explore intuition from conceptual statements, symbolism and the association of ideas.

- Incorporate analog and digital collage and photomontage techniques.

- Experiment with the technique to arrive at a discourse and a language of one's own.



DESCONOCIDXS is a proposal to connect with collage through the  interaction of two strangers, together with the architect Eugenia Cancela and the artist  Visual Santiago Estellano presented by the Architect Lorena Castro  -

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