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In INVASION, nature serves as a starting point and as a metaphor, designed as a relationship system with its own set of rules, allowing to overcome social control and to undermine its intentions.


The tension between nature and culture maintains the spectator in a floating state between both paradigms. These worlds coexist while alternating between harmony and violence; they attract and repel each other, they fuse and become differentiated until they burst across the gallery space, which they completely intervene.


The dichotomy proposed by Escudero and Estellano defines the constructive basis of their work. They create a series of artifacts that are nourished by the spirit and structure of nature, which they represent and mimic.


The exhibition is composed by systems that solidify this tension: branches covered by synthetic paint, acrylic or vinyl climbing ivies that invade the room in a chaotic manner, projecting shadows until they create a new space.


A hybrid experience between the field of thought and the invasion of organic forms.


Together, they create an artificial botanical environment that reformulates how to free perception within a space governed by the contrast of models as old as humanity itself.

Max Jacoby

November 2013

mock, Buenos Aires. Argentina

07 home, digital photography on mirror
Home, digital photography printed on mirror, 80x120cm, 2013

Visual Artists:
Micaela Escudero
Santiago Estellano

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