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ヒ (hi)  ガ (ga)  ン (n)  バ (ba)  ナ (na)    

アー (yy)  ミー (mii)  


japanese katakana

digital collage, 2019

Higanbana Army is an organized military force that fights and defends the world of Gaia. Every  warrior symbolizes a sign of the zodiac, with masks and the representation of the flower of  higanbana.


They are among us stalking us,  watching us and letting us know everything we are doing wrong. develop projects and  programs that they use as tools to analyze the commitment we have with the  Mother Earth. This leads to making visible the slogan of the army, adding faithful and soldiers who  claim to protect Gaia.


the flower of  Higanbana, also known as "Red Spider Lily", is a brilliant summer flower  native to Asia and is associated with final farewells. The red spider lily is said to guide  the dead through samsara, the cycle of rebirth.

higanbana flower
flowerHiganbana3 45cmdiameter,2021baja.png
Higanbana Flower III
Analog collage, 45 cm diameter, 2021

The “Noh” mask symbolizes a creature  supernatural, with 3 eyes and two mouths.  The two mouths allow rapid and continuous communication on the same frequency.

toh LOW.png
Noh mask, digital collage, 2019
 Higanbana army, Digital collage, 81 x 57 cm, 2021 

GLITCH, collage of digital collages, 2022

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