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Art show, SUDACA Collective

A collective of artists in a world where contemporary art only focuses on the individual is as exotic as an endangered species.

Why insist on joint production when success is individual?

Simply because they have discovered that the virtues of the other complement them and the eyes of others add wealth to their own.

Because they cannot avoid growing in differences by being part of each other.

Just as we know that it will rain when we smell the wet dust or we know that the soil is rough when we see it dry, in the same way, SUDACA recovers using all the senses for artistic production.

Whether in Chile, Uruguay or Argentina, there is something between them that exceeds the human limits of time and space: they are perceived, thought, heard, looked at and from each of these points are connected by telepathy.



Cecilia Medina Curator

November 2017

Ways, Buenos Aires. Argentina

About them


Sudaca was a one  year project created by artists met while taking classes with Alejandra Roux and Sergio Bazán (art and artwork analysis teachers and mentors) during 2016.


Defined as a collective of South American artists based in Buenos Aires, which builds its own dynamics and language while maintaining a sense of belonging and thus enhancing individual capacities.






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